Maya Darpana (dance ballet)

Concept and script: Sri Jivan Pani
Dance composition: Dr. Ileana Citaristi
Music composition: Sri Partho Das
Date of composition: 1993


The concept of Maya in Indian philosophy is as metaphysical as poetic. Maya Darpan, the choreographic composition based on the Odissi style, has been inspired by the poetic treatment of the concept of Maya in various Upanishads.
In the first scene we are facing the watery surface of the Timeless Being; the moment ‘Time’ or ‘Rhythm’ creeps in, the dimension of ‘Space’ takes shape and ‘Prakruti’ or Nature is born.
From the cosmic union between ‘Prakruti’, the female principle and the male cosmic being, generations of creatures are born. All are limbs of the same body, but they look as separated and individual beings. Through the deception of the five senses, the original oneness is lost into a myriad of experiences which form the insatiable hunger of our lives.
Until tired of this endless run, man looks inside himself and rediscovers the original unity of all.


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