Karpasa, the cotton plant (dance ballet)

Script: P. K Misra
Music: Shantanu Mohapatra
Dance choreography: Ileana Citaristi 
Date of composition: 2006

This is a dance production based on the environmental issue of ‘agro-biotechnology’ or eco-friendly relations between man and nature. It has been conceived and produced on the occasion of the first conference on agro-biotechnology held in Hyderabad in March 2006.

The Moon is looking down and commenting about the fate of the crops which used to be healthier before and asks: Why is it so?

The farmers are seen, arresting natural course of water, excavating mountains, planting seeds, spraying chemicals for better profits etc.

The Moon is continuing his monologue: Why should Mother Earth give fruits? Her breast is aching, her womb is in pain, she curses the farmers and this is the cause for bad crops and depression and cases of suicides among them. She exhorts the farmers to threat Mother Earth with gentleness and care instead of greed and harmonize with her resources. Farmers understand their mistakes; change attitude. The cotton tree starts again to give its white flowers and farmers celebrate.

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